The sociolinguistic situation of present-day Caucasia

International conference supported by Volkswagen Foundation
within the programme Between Europe and the Orient - A Focus on Research and Higher Education in/on Central Asia and the Caucasus"

University of Frankfurt / Main, 12-14 December, 2003
Hörsaal / Lecture hall "H5", Hörsaalgebäude, Mertonstr. / Graefstr.



 Section I: The sociolinguistic situation of present-day Georgia (in memoriam P. Michel van Esbroeck )

 Dec. 12th:
 14:00  M. Tandashvili, J. Gippert:  Opening, introduction  
 14:15  T. Allert:  "The situation of present-day Georgia in a sociological view"  
 15:00  W. Boeder:  "The use of the terms `language' and `dialect' in Kartvelian studies: Towards a clarification"  

 Tea break

 16:00  G. Gogolashvili / V.Imnaishvili:  "The present state of Georgian as a national language"  
 16:45  T. Uturgaidze/ M.Manjgaladze:  "Die Interferenzzonen des Georgischen"  
 17:15  L. Abuladze/A. Ludden:  "Beobachtungen zu den Schlüsselwörtern ("key words") im modernen Georgisch"  
 17:45  C. Schönig:  "Endangered Turkic languages in the Caucasus"  


 Dec. 13th:
 9:15  D. Rayfield:  "New approaches to Georgian lexicography"  
 10:00  K. Gabunia:  "Georgian and its sister languages"  

 Coffee break

 11:00  M. Babukhadia:  "The linguistic diversity of present-day Georgia"  
 11:45  R. Enoch:  "The sociolinguistic situation of jews in Georgia"  
 12:30  R. Greisbach:  "Georgisch lernen im WWW"  

 Lunch break


 Section II: Endangered languages of the Caucasus (in memoriam Helma van den Berg)

 Dec. 13th:
 14:15  J. Gippert, M. Job:  Opening, introduction  
 14:30  J. Gippert, M. Tandashvili:  "Endangered Caucasian languages in Georgia: Report on a Documentation Project"  
 15:00  L. Shukvani/L. Abuladze:  "Über die Zukunft der swanischen Sprache"  
 15:30  S. Kutscher:  "Zur Situation des Lasischen als vom Aussterben bedrohte Sprache"  

 Tea break

 16:15  T. Sikharulidze:  "Caucasian languages in present-day Georgia"  
 17:00  G.B. Hewitt:  "The present state of North-West Caucasian languages"  
 17:45  K. Lerner  "The Semitic component in the toponymy of the Southern Caucasus"  
 18:30  E. Dadunashvili:  "Neue Aspekte der vergleichenden Erzählforschung"  


 Dec. 14th:
 9:15  D. Stilo  "On the Polygenetic Origins of the Talyshi Language"  
 10:00  B. Comrie:  "Endangered languages of Daghestan (in memory of Helma van den Berg)"  

 Coffee break

 11:00  W. Schulze:  "Endangered languages of Azerbaijan"  
 11:45  B. Outtier:  "The Udi language: Past and present"  
 12:30  A.C. Harris:  "The present state of Nij Udi"  
 13:15  J. Gippert, W. Schulze:  "Revival of manuscripts and languages: The history of Udi reconsidered"  

Conference languages: English, German, French, Russian, Georgian.

Venue: University of Frankfurt / Main, Lecture Hall H II.

Copyright Jost Gippert, Frankfurt a/M 12.-15.12.2003.