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Ogam-Inschrift: CIIC-Nr. 072

Ogam Inscription: CIIC no. 072

Original location: Aultagh

County: Cork

Surroundings: Forest

Year of discovery: 0

Actual location: =


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Actual reading:

Latin Transcription: -

Ogam Transcription: -

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Other readings, history, comments etc.:

Location and history:

According to Macalister, Epig. 3, 62 ("II" = 142.) and Macalister, CIIC, a second stone from this site containing some Ogham writing had been "destroyed for building material" before his time.

Size according to Macalister, CIIC: 3'8" x 2'6" x 1'2"

Published illustrations:
Macalister, Epig. 3, 60 (draft;
Macalister, CIIC 76 (draft).

Reading Macalister, Epig. 3, 61 (141.):

дзг<ег | кимигин
UBO E | cldodv
| s ? lt

The lower row is not contained in the description (by Rhys / Cochrane?) in JRSAI, obviously because it was not comprised in the rubbing. But it is not probable that it was produced only later by a visitor who scratched off the litchen with his knife. - The inscription might well have been copied from a "double rod" model. The long strokes serve as dividers between letters. The feather-like symbol in the middle of the upper row indicates the starting point. The second row is extremely unclear. The writer might have been as unexperienced as the early Ogham decipherers who read the Ballintaggart stone {162}, CUNA MAQQI AVI CORBBI, as CUI MAQQI RITTI or COLUM MAQQI FICIAS. Should LD in second row rather be read as O? Then we should have EVDECUBO or, invertedly, OBUSELTE. Both "phonetic forms" remain "hardly attainable".

Reading Macalister, CIIC:

Obviously this inscription was copied by an unexperienced and unskilful writer from an inscription on a wooden ring; this is why the marking of the beginning appears in the middle of the line. The longer strokes were either added as dividers, or they represent extended letter parts. If they are dividers, we have to read OBUDBOLDSE. The reading UBEDABO starts in inverted direction from the feather mark.

The "inscription" is not included in Korolev, DP.

Reading Gippert:

As against Macalisters drawing, the third and fourth stroke within the lower line are nearly unbroken; instead, the third stroke in the upper line is broken, the upper part being placed a little bit to the right, and the upper line itself forks at this point, the left arm leading to the second star-like symbol. This seems not to have been noticed by Macalister as his drafts show. A reading should not be attempted.

Additional literature:

JRSAI 1898, 397 (Rhys) and 406 (Cochrane).

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