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Ogam-Inschrift: CIIC-Nr. 083

Ogam Inscription: CIIC no. 083

Original location: Ballyknock

County: Cork

Surroundings: Castle Farm

Year of discovery: 0

Actual location: Cork, U.C.


Fig. 083, 001 Fig. 083, 002

Actual reading:

Latin Transcription: (LAM)ADULICC(I) MA(C MAIC BR)[OCC

Ogam Transcription: ()()()[

Ogam Transliteration: ()()()()[

Direction of reading: du

Other readings, history, comments etc.:

Location and history:

This stone was, together with eleven other stones from the site, brought to the U.C., Cork. It is assigned the no. 11 in the U.C. collection.

Size according to Macalister, CIIC: 2'8" x 1'8" x 0'6".

Published figures:
Macalister, CIIC 1, 85 (drafts of front and back sides each).

Reading Macalister, CIIC:

MAIC is a very peculiar orthographical variant, as noted before by Barry [where?].

Interpretation Korolev, DP, 67:

The inscription is very late, dating perhaps from the end of 7th or the beginning of 8th century. MAIC has as indication of palatality in its I, but this is not present in BROCC nor MAC. Should this rather be a nominative? Cp. no. {228} with MACI BROCI, proving itself to be older like this. LAMADILICCI remains unclear: no equivalents are known, neither in Ogham nor manuscripts.

Reading Gippert (1981):

Dexter angle - top:
In the first name, there is hardly space enough for Macalister's I. An -U- seems well conceivable instead. MAC MAIC is quite doubtful, BROCC even more so.

For further references cf. no. {82}.

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