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Ogam-Inschrift: CIIC-Nr. 103

Ogam Inscription: CIIC no. 103

Original location: Barrahaurin

County: Cork

Surroundings: Souterrain

Year of discovery: 0

Actual location: Cork, U.C.


Fig. 103, 001 Fig. 103, w01

Actual reading:

Latin Transcription: (C)ARRTTACC MMAQI MU[ ]CAGG[

Ogam Transcription: ()[ ][

Ogam Transliteration: ()[ ][

Direction of reading: du

Other readings, history, comments etc.:

Location and history:

The name of the townland is spelt "Barrachaurin" on the plate describing the stone in the Cork U.C. in accordance with the spelling used by Brash, OIM.

According to Macalister, CIIC who quotes from "Windele's notebook", the monument was found in 1845 when "a souterrain in a ringfort .. was dismantled .. to make a cabbage-garden". It was first noticed by "a gamekeeper named Denis Haly" who sold it to Windele for 1 lb. It was later [when?] "taken to the Royal Cork Institution, and is now in the museum of University College, Cork" where it is assigned "no. 18" of the collection.

Size according to Macalister, CIIC: 4'8" x 1'3" x 0'4"

Published illustrations:
Brash, OIM pl. IV fig. 3 (draft);
Macalister, CIIC 1, 103 (draft).

Reading Macalister, CIIC:

GAQI MU is "not a blunder" but "a deliberate `camouflage' of the tabooed formula MAQI MUCOI. For CAGGI cp. NETA CAGI on 47 {47: Castletimon}. The second notch of the U was read as an H by Brash because it is a little bit larger than the others.

Interpretation Korolev, DP 70:

Macalister's proposal that the last name should have ended in -I cannot be supported because the first name has an apocopated ending too. The spelling of MMAQI with a double MM is noteworthy, it appears in this inscription only. The abbreviation MU is more often to be met with. The inscription has to be dated in the end of the 6th cent.

Reading McManus, Guide 65:


Reading Gippert (1981):

Dexter angle up:
()[ ][
()[ ][
There is no reason to read GAQI instead of MMAQI with an (exceptional) double MM. There is a larger space between MU and CAGG leaving room for a three or four stroke letter; possibly there was a double CC originally.

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