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Ogam-Inschrift: CIIC-Nr. 209

Ogam Inscription: CIIC no. 209

Original location: Kilcoolaght

County: Kerry

Surroundings: Field

Year of discovery: 0

Actual location: =


Fig. 209, 001 Fig. 209, w01 Fig. 209, w02

Actual reading:

Latin Transcription: A]GGO MAQI AG[

Ogam Transcription: ][

Ogam Transliteration: ][

Other readings, history, comments etc.:

Location and history:

For the locality and discovery, cf. {206}.

Size according to Brash, OIM 230: 4'4" x 9" x 8"
Size according to Macalister, CIIC: 3'6" x 0'9 1/2" x 0'7"

Published illustrations:
Brash, OIM pl. XXXI, no. 4 (draft);
Macalister, Epig. 2, 102 (sketch of inscription);
Macalister, CIIC 1, 203.

Reading Brash, OIM 230 ("no. 4."):

Aggo or Acco is a "new name"; cp. Accobran and Agatan in Mart.Don., "Gaulish forms, Aca .. Grut. 718.7, and Acco-nius .. Stein. 732. The "patronymic Agidd" is not identifiable either; but cp. Aghda in Ann. 4 Mas. AD 972 and the "Gaulish forms, Acidinus .. Grut. 438.8." - Note that Brash rendered the two final letters as Ls in his Ogham transcript.

Reading Ferguson, OI 106 (175. D):

"aggo maqi agill"
This might contain "gill, suggestive of a Christian designation in gilla".

Reading Macalister, Epig. 2, 103 (98; IV.):

Possibly the first name was Deggo. The commencement of AGILL "resembles Saxon rather than Celtic."

Reading Macalister, CIIC:

The A before the first G as read by older investigators cannot be acknowledged. The M is slightly S-shaped. "There is room after the double G for the three notches of a U .. but after some hesitation I finally decided in favour of the old reading, O. Brash's AGIDD, as his drawing shows, is a mere lapsus calami".

Reading Harbison, Guide 115:


Interpretation Korolev, DP 85:

...]A&127;GGO MAQI AGILL[...
The A at the beginning as read by older investigators was present also in Macalister's own recordings, so it should be upheld."

Reading Gippert (1978/1981):

Angle up:
The A in the beginning seems visible. The stone would ahve to be dug up for the end of the inscription to be verifiable.

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