Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien


  • from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt Central Station:

    Look out for the regional trains ("Regionalbahnhof", "S-Bahn"), and its track no. 1.
    Take any local train (S-Bahn lines S8 or S9) in direction of Hanau, Offenbach or Ostendstraße.
    Frankfurt Central Station ("Hauptbahnhof") is the third stop (after Sportfeld and Niederrad).

  • from Frankfurt Central Railway Station to Goethe-University:


    Institut für Empirische Sprachwissenschaft,
    Building "Juridicum", Senckenberglanlage 31, 9th floor

    Our telephone numbers:
    069 / 798 23139 : P.L. Sauer (Secretary)
    069 / 798 25054 : J. Gippert
    069 / 798 22847 : A. Korn

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