Scholars Engaged in Electronic Resources

Scholars Engaged in Electronic Research (SEER)


Workshop on Electronic Resources:

"The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative"


"The Current State of the Art for Optical Recognition Scanning of Ancient Japanese Manuscripts"
Dr. Shoichi Hara
National Institute for Japanese Literature, Tokyo
"The Use of Digital Technology for the Study of Chinese Seals"
Imre Galambos
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
University of California, Berkeley
"Fragments of the Chinese Buddhist Canon"
Howie Lan
Instructional Technology, University of California, Berkeley
"Mapping Dunhuang and Central Asian Antiquities: An Ecai Exemplar Project"
Dr. Susan Whitfield and Colin Chinnery
International Dunhuang Project
British Library, London

Saturday, March 11, 2000

1 p.m.
Garden Salon 2
Town and Country Resort, San Diego


The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Conference

British Library, London

June 26-28, 2000

Additional Meetings of ECAI Tech, ECAI Editors, and Special topics groups:

June 23-25

Workshops: June 29-30

Registration is now open at the ECAI website for the June Meeting of ECAI.

Accommodation information can also be found at this site.

Please contact ECAI Central ( or ) or the British Library (address below) with questions.


The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI) is an international research project aimed at the creation of distributed, spatially referenced, GIS-style cultural databases which can be accessed across the Internet from a common front-end software.

The ECAI project (initiated in 1997 and headed by Professor Lewis Lancaster, East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California at Berkeley), constitutes a new dimension in academic research, applications of digital and networked technologies and international collaboration. At present approximately 300 area specialists from ECAI Regional Teams* in conjunction with ECAI Technical Teams, are producing an interactive electronic atlas of the world from which selected data from regions, eras, and disciplines can be accessed.

ECAI is planning to extend its geographical focus into Europe. the Middle East and Africa. It has therefore asked the British Library to host its 2000 conference and, over the following months, experts in all fields in Britain will be approached to attend and form their own Regional Teams for all aspects of British, European, Middle Eastern and African history and culture.

ECAI 2000 at The British Library will be an exciting and important forum. There will be a reception on Monday 26 June 2000 to celebrate ECAI's aims and achievements, attended by the UK Government Minister for Arts and Libraries, Alan Howerth.

ECAI is an exemplar of international collaboration being used to harness expertise worldwide in order to increase public access to the world's culture and history via the Internet

*For current ECAI Regional teams, please see our website ( For questions or for further information about ECAI, please email or .

Dr Susan Whitfield
The International Dunhuang Project
The British Library
96 Euston Road
tel: +44 171 412 7647
fax: +44 171 412 7641

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