Text collection: Lyc. 
Type: Inscr. 
Corpus of Lycian and Milyan (Lycian B) Inscriptions

On the basis of the editions by
T. Kalinka,
Tituli Lyciae lingua Lycia conscripti
(Tituli Asiae minoris, 1),
Vienna 1901;
J. Friedrich,
Kleinasiatische Sprachdenkmäler
(Kleine Texte für Vorlesungen und Übungen, 163),
Berlin 1932;
G. Neumann,
Neufunde lykischer Inschriften seit 1901,
Vienna 1979,
H. Metzger e.a.,
La stèle trilingue du Létôon
(Fouilles de Xanthos, t. VI),
Paris 1967

and others
entered by J. Tischler, Dresden
and reedited by H.C. Melchert, Chapel Hill;
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 28.2.1998 / 21.6.1998 / 15.3.2000 / 1.6.2000

The numbering of the texts is the standard one of Kalinka, TL, and Neumann, Neufunde. For 1-150, however, I have usually adopted the readings of Friedrich, Kleinasiatische Sprachdenkmäler, and in some cases have taken alternatives from his or Kalinkaʼs critical apparatus, so all readings should be checked. For texts of the Létôon I follow the numbering of Bousquet, Fouilles de Xanthos IX.155ff, but again some of the readings are my own. HCM

A transcription of the Aramaic inscription on the Letoon-stele from Xanthos (N320A) was added according to the edition in Metzger e.a., 1967. J.G.

Square brackets indicate a doubtful or restored reading, boldface marks an emendation [the latter marking is not available in the present TITUS edition. JG].
The # symbol indicates that the text has been emended by deleting something (usually the interpunctuation mark).
For ease of searching and copying, I have replaced non-standard letters with capitals:
   A for nasalized a,
   E for nasalized e,
   M for m plus tilde,
   N for n plus tilde,
   T for tau.
   <> is the lozenge or diamond.
The colon stands for word dividers in the mss. The equals sign marks morpheme boundaries according to MY analysis. HCM

For the present TITUS edition, the usual transcription for the characters mentioned above has been restored. Greek kappa is replaced by k with a dot below in Lycian inscriptions. J.G.

Inscription: 1 

Line: 1    
ebẽñnẽ xupã m=ene=prñna<wa>tẽ
Line: 2    
xudali zuhrijah
Line: 3    
Line: 4    
Line: 5    

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