Text collection: OFr.Corp. 
Corpus of Old Frisian Texts

On the basis of several editions
prepared by Thomas F. Shannon,
Berkeley, 1999.
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 3.10.1999 / 1.6.2000 / 1.3.2003

Text: 10_Gebote 
Die altostfriesischen 10 Gebote

nach den Hunsigoer Handschriften H1 und H2

On the basis of the editions published in
Walther Steller,
Abriss der altfriesischen Grammatik,
Halle: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1928,
p. 91

and (especially for the page number of the manuscript,
which is not named but is most probably H2),

Wilhelm Heuser,
Altfriesisches Lesebuch mit Grammatik und Glossar,
Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1903,
p. 88

entered by Thomas F. Shannon,
Berkeley, 30.6.1999.
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 1.10.1999

Chapter: _ 
Sentence: 0    Hir is scriuen alsa dene bode, sa god selua ief Moysi in monte Synai, uppa tha berchte (= berche) Synai on tuam stenena teflu[m].
Tha scelen wita allera monnalik, ther cristen send.

Sentence: 1    
Primun mandatum, thet erste bod: minna thinne god fore feder ende moder mith inlekere herta.
Sentence: 2    
het other bod: minna thinne euncristena [127] like thi selwm.
Sentence: 3    
het thredde bod: fira thene sunnandei and there helche degan.
Sentence: 4    
het fiarde bod: minna thine feder end thine moder, hu thu longe libbe.
Sentence: 5    
het fifte: thet thu thi nowet ne ower hore.
Sentence: 6    
het sexte: thet thu nenne mon ne sle.
Sentence: 7    
het sogende: thet thu nowet ne stele.
Sentence: 8    
het achtende: thet thu thi nowet ne vrsuere, ne nen falesk withscip ne driue.
Sentence: 9    
het niugende: thet thu nenes thines euncristena wiues ne gereie.
Sentence: 10    
het tiande: thet thu nenes thines euncristena godes ne ierie.

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