Text collection: AV 
Text: MandUp 

On the basis of the edition by Limaye-Vadekar,
Poona (Vaidika Saṃśodhana Maṇḍala) 1958
electronically edited by Paolo Magnone,
January 1986;
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 31.1.1997 / 28.2.1998 / 21.6.1998 / 20.10.1999 / 1.6.2000 / 7.12.2008 / 21.4.2012

Original markup system:
- between diamond brackets, code t...: title.
- between chevrons, code p: prose passage.
- between chevrons, code v: verse passage.
- between braces: comments.
- between brackets: sandhi-free text.
- between parentheses: transcriptional text.
- after bar: text divisions.
- @: proper name of person or place (not god).

Paragraph: 1 
Sentence: a    
om ity etad akṣaram idaṃ sarvam.
om iti etat akṣaram idam sarvam.
tasya upavyākʰyānam.
bʰūtaṃ bʰavad
bʰūtam bʰavat

Sentence: b    
bʰaviṣyad iti sarvam oṅkāra eva.
bʰaviṣyat iti sarvam oṅkāraḥ eva.
yac cānyat trikālātītaṃ tad apy
yat ca anyat trikālātītam tat api

Sentence: c    
oṅkāra eva.
oṅkāraḥ eva.

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This text is part of the TITUS edition of Atharva-Veda: Mandukya-Upanisad.

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