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Treatment of Diacritics in Unicode

This page is designed to help people who intend to use Unicode encoding for scripts containing combinations of basic characters with diacritics. It will help them to find out whether a given combination is encoded in Unicode 2.1 as a "precomposed character" or not, and if not, whether it has been stored in the TITUS collection of diacritic combinations not present in Unicode.
Below, you will find tables of Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Georgian characters together with tables containing diacritics that might be used in combination with them. By clicking you will cause a script to check whether the combination you chose is encoded in Unicode or whether it has been stored in the TITUS collection. The result will appear either in the bottom frame of this window (if your browser is able to display frames) or in an extra window.
If you intend to check a combination containing of more than one diacritic, please be sure to click the diacritics in the order recommended by Unicode, viz. starting with the one which is nearest to the top of the basic character, continuing upward with superscript diacritics, then starting with the one which is nearest to the bottom of the basic character and continuing downward with subscript diacritics.
If the combination you entered is present in Unicode 2.1 or in the TITUS collection, the result will be displayed in the following form:


The diagram contains the following information:
If the combination you entered is not present in either Unicode 2.1 nor in the TITUS collection, an error message will appear instead. In near future, this will be substituted by a form where you can enter detailed information about the character you checked, in case you want this character to be stored in the TITUS collection for further treatment, esp. with respect to providing a proposal for a Unicode extension.

Latin characters with diacritics:

Greek characters with diacritics:

Cyrillic characters with diacritics:

Georgian characters with diacritics:

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