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Computational Linguist - French
Primary responsibilities include enhancing and extending the French computational grammar and grammar-checking system, in accordance with the overall architecture of the Microsoft Natural Language Understanding system. The initial emphasis will be on understanding the output of the syntactic component. Native French language proficiency and an advanced degree in Linguistics, Computer Science, or a closely related discipline are required. Other desirable qualifications include experience in linguistic research, with an emphasis on syntax, semantics, or discourse analysis; familiarity with Natural Language Processing; a flexible approach to linguistic theory; practical experience with software development and NLP implementation issues.

Linguistic Test Engineer - English
Primary responsibility is the creation and maintenance of linguistic test data. This involves analyzing a set of sentences and generating the expected linguistic analysis based on the specification. Other responsibilities include evaluating linguistic coverage, reporting accuracy, generating linguistic bugs, and tracking regression of the products and technology. Qualifications should include demonstrated skills in detailed analysis of language, including knowledge of linguistic terms for parts of speech, morphological terms, syntactic and semantic structures. Other qualifications include general investigative and problem solving skills, and an ability to track details. General knowledge of personal computers, and the ability to install, upgrade and use MS applications and operating system(s) preferred. Willingness and ability to work as part of a team to ensure consistency and quality of work required.

Linguistic Test Engineer - Spanish
Primary responsibility is the creation and maintenance of linguistic test data for Microsoft's Spanish Natural Language Processing system. Responsibilities include analyzing a corpus in Spanish and creating expected linguistic output based on a specification, evaluating linguistic coverage, reporting accuracy, finding and tracking linguistic bugs, and measuring improvement of the products and technology. Native Spanish language proficiency and bachelor's degree in Linguistics or Computational Linguistics required; a master's or doctorate degree strongly preferred. Other qualifications include demonstrated skill in detailed linguistic analysis, with an emphasis on syntax or semantics; general investigative and problem-solving skills; and an ability to track details. General knowledge of personal computers, and the ability to install, upgrade and use Microsoft applications and operating system(s) are desirable.

Program Manager - German
Natural Language is about enabling computers to understand human language. We are building (and shipping!) linguistic features and advancing computational linguistic technology. Some of the Natural Language Group's features that ship today include English Smart Tags; grammar checkers in English, French, German, and Spanish; linguistic search; and Japanese style checking and word breaking. =20 We are looking for an experienced program manager to lead the German team. Primary responsibilities include driving German linguistic technologies (syntax, semantics, discourse representation, generation) and German features for Microsoft products. The PM is responsible for the following tasks (among others): driving user research and data collection efforts determining feature requirements, conducting feasibility analysis, and working with development and test teams to set realistic goals and create project plans writing feature specifications creating long-term schedules for linguistic development and feature work; tracking detailed milestone schedules coordination of the German team overall managing contacts with subsidiary PMs and other relevant groups The PM will be interacting and coordinating with development and testing resources as well as other PM's, leading and evangelizing smart design strategies and influencing technical directions. Natural language features are deployed in products throughout Microsoft and this person will also participate in discussions on prioritization and coordinated deployment of future features. The ideal candidate has native proficiency in German, excellent organizational skills, experience with shipping software products successfully, software development background, NLP (natural language processing) background and strong communication and teamwork skills. It is essential that the candidate has some prior experience with linguistics and/or computational linguistics issues.

Quelle: e-mail von Samantha Willing;, 6.4.01.

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