Rank of Job: mid-Senior
Areas Required: Computational Linguist
Other Desired Areas: Cognitive Science
University or Organization: Intelligenesis Corporation
Department: Natural Language Engineering group
State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Final Date of Application: June 16, 2000
Contact: Karin Verspoor, karin@intelligenesis.net

Intelligenesis, a New York based AI start-up firm, is seeking a
creative linguistic scientist to round out our Natural Language team.
We're engaged in the construction of Webmind, a unique and
comprehensive AI architecture that aims to be the world's first truly
intelligent software program; and also in the creation of several
products carrying out commercially useful functions (such as text
categorization, market prediction and search) utilizing Webmind
components.  The Natural Language team helps support both of these

For this position, we're looking for someone who has a strong
intuitive feel for the structure of language and the dynamics of
language learning, especially as regards the integration of and
interplay between syntax, semantics, pragmatics, cognition, and
experience.  But, we also need someone with a good practical sense of
what kinds of algorithms will work in practice in computational
systems, given finite computational resources.  We're not looking for
a programmer here, although computer science knowledge will be
extremely valuable; we're looking someone with the ability to design
NLP algorithms and architectures, both on the general and detailed
levels, and to deal with the integration of NL systems with other
components of our AI system, such as categorization and reasoning and
symbol grounding.  Experience with object-oriented design is valuable
but not required.

The ideal candidate would have some experience doing theoretical
research in a linguistic area, and experience working on the
development of computational linguistics systems.  A broad knowledge
of cognitive science and a passion for making the first NL system that
actually works would also be valuable.  We are dealing with deep
issues such as how much linguistic structure to build into our system
versus how much to let the system learn, and how to best utilize
technologies such as higher-order logical inference and evolutionary
computation in NL processing; issues like these require a careful
balancing of practical and theoretical issues, and an ability to draw
conceptual inspiration from a broad variety of domains.

This is a unique opportunity to do both cutting-edge research and
practical system design work, simultaneously, letting each kind of
work benefit from the other; and to participate in an AI development
project unlike any other.

To submit an application, please send (preferably by email) your
resume and an indication of your salary expectations to:

Dr. Karin Verspoor
Director, Natural Language Engineering
Intelligenesis Corporation
50 Broadway
New York, NY 10004
tel: (212) 324 2001
fax: (212) 324 3001
Quelle: e-mail von Karin Verspoor, 8.6.00.

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