Stockholm University
invites applications for a position as

at the Department of Linguistics
(ref no. 611-0740-01)

Responsibilities will include research, supervision of Ph.D. students, and teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels. The professor may also be asked to assume administrative functions within the department.

Necessary qualifications include well documented scientific and pedagogical skills. The applicants should have an established record of scientific publications of high quality, at least at the level of a Swedish "docent" (roughly corresponding to "Habilitation" in other European countries). In addition, administrative skills, leadership and cooperative abilities are of importance. Applicants' ability to promote contact with the world outside the university and to spread information about research will also be considered.

More information can be obtained by contacting the head of the Department of Linguistics, Christna Hellman, tel. +46-8-16 2335 or by email:

Union representatives are Bo Ekengren (SACO-rådet), Lars Åke Säll (ST-ATF) and Birgitta Carlén (SEKO) (all at tel. +46-8-162000)

Applicants are encouraged to include their salary expectations in their application.

The application, in four copies, should include:

- a certified summary of qualifications and a numbered list of scientific works
- a statement of intent in English (no more than two pages), specifying the applicant's plans within the relevant areas of activity, should he or she receive the position
- copies of relevant diplomas, certificates etc.
- a short description in English (no more than five pages) of the applicant's experience in research, education, administration (including project development and staff management). The applicant should indicate which results and qualifications he or she considers to be of particular relevance. Applicants should acquaint themselves with the University's employment policy and principles for the evaluation of pedagogical qualifications of teachers (, or by contacting the administrative official mentioned above).
- one set of those scientific works (numbered according to the list of publications), which the applicant considers to be of primary relevance to the application. Note: only one set of publications should be sent to the university at this time. The applicants will later be asked to send a set of relevant publications to each of three experts who will be chosen to evaluate the applications.

Deadline for applications, marked with the above reference number (ref no. 611-0740-01) is April 15, 2001. Send to :

Stockholms universitet,

Applications by email or fax will be accepted, but a signed original application must be sent in at soon as possible.

(This is a shortened and revised version of the official announcement in Swedish.)

Quelle: e-mail von Sofia Gustafson-Capková, 28.3.01.

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