We are happy to announce the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies for 
non-Georgians to be held from 8 July to 13 August, 2000.

In a broad sense Kartvelian (Georgian) Studies (Kartvelology) embraces 
Georgian culture, history and all fields of the humanities: linguistics, 
literary criticism, art, archaeology, folklore, ethnography, source 
study. Georgia, Sakartvelo, successor to ancient Colchis and Iberia, 
lies at the boundary of Europe and Asia, east of the Black Sea, in the 
south-western part of the Caucasus. Today too it continues to serve as a 
geographical, economic and cultural bridge between East and West.

The Summer School in Kartvelian Studies is organized by the Centre for 
Kartvelian Studies and sponsored by the Government of Georgia, Tbilisi 
State University and by the Fund for Kartvelian Studies.

The School will offer intensive instruction in Modern Georgian, with 
account of the level of the mastery of the language by the participants. 
They can also attend lectures on Georgian history, literature, language 
and art and become acquainted with Georgia's cultural and historical 
past and her present achievements.

The five-week course at the summer school costs $1000 per student. This 
includes accommodation (in a student's dormitory or at a private 
apartment), board, lectures and seminars, and cultural program 
(excursions to the countryside, visiting museums, seeing Georgian films, 
etc.). The Center ensures meeting the attendants of Summer School at the 
airport and seeing them to their destination. The attendants pay the 
travel costs (arrival in Tbilisi and departure from Tbilisi), and 
medical aid, if needed.

This year the costs of instruction and board of foreign students who 
cannot pay the whole cost will be met by the Fund for Kartvelian 
Studies. However, in all cases the attendants of the Summer School, 
including the students, are expected to contribute about a half of the 
above-mentioned course cost as a charity to the Fund of Kartvelian 
Studies, for the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies in the main is 
financed by this Charity Fund.

Those who wish to attend The Summer School should communicate with the 
Fund for Kartvelian Studies by 15 April, 2000.
Address: Centre for Kartvelian Studies. 1, Chavchavadze Ave., 380028 
Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tel.:  (995 32) 290833, Fax:  (995 32) 252501,

The account of our Charity Fund: Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt. United Georgian Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia. Account No:9498270 (USD), c/o The Fund for Kartvelian Studies, account No: 178070966 (USD).

Sincerely,Prof. Elguja Khintibidze Director of the Centre for Kartvelian Studies

Quelle: e-mail von Elguja Khintibidze, 9.2.00

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