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TIES - Tocharian an Indo-European Studies

Founded by Joerundur Hilmarsson
Edited by
Georges Pinault - Klaus T. Schmidt - Werner Winter

Assisted by
L.Isebaert (Bibliographical Editor) and
Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen (Executive Editor)

In persuance of a congressional decision made at the Tocharian Colloquy held by the Indogermanische Gesellschaft at Saarbrücken in October 1995, a new editorial board has been formed with the objective to issue the journal Tocharian and Indo-European Studies (TIES) which was discontinued by the untimely death of its founder Joerundur Hilmarsson in 1992.

Explorations into the possibility of continuing the journal on Icelandic hands having proved negative, the plan is now to bring out the journal in Copenhagen in a shape and at a price not too much out of comparison with its earlier policy. Due to old and sentimental connections between Iceland and Denmark, it just may be realistically hoped that the Danish government will allot the necessary fundings to the project. An indispensable condition, however, is that there exist a full manuscript of the first volume by October 1st of this year. Therefore, authors are urged to send manuscripts for publication in TIES, Vol.7 as soon as possible, and not later than August 1st, if need be in preliminary form to allow a final touch to be given during the last weeks available for the editorial preparations. This is admittedly a very tight schedule, but we feel it is in everybody's interest that we seize the present opportunity rather than wait for the next chance which is a whole year later. And indeed, the lack of the journal just may have led to an accumulation of ready or semi-ready papers for which the proper outlet can now be provided.

You will be doing a great favour to the community of Tocharian and Indo-European studies and a continued tribute to the memory of Joerundur Hilmarsson by sending a paper to the address printed below. If you can, please help us in the process by adding a diskette; you will cause the least amount of problems by using WordPerfect 5.1, but most systems can be handled, and anything is helpful. If you indicate an e-mail or fax address, the executive editor can give you the board's decision on your paper within two or three weeks. The typographical appearance of the volume will be slightly standardized, but as a matter of principle the choice of textual organization is free. What we need now, is the papers themselves, we can do aesthetics later.

We strongly appeal to scholars in and around the intersection of Tocharian and Indo-European studies to receate the important journal that TIES used to be. This is a job that deserves to be done, and together we can do it.

June 11, 1996 THE EDITORS

Manuscripts may be sent to:
Tocharian and Indo-European Studies
Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen
Department of Linguistics (IAAS)
University of Copenhagen
Njalsgade 80
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Phone + 45 35 86 65
Secretary + 45 35 32 86 41
Fax + 45 35 32 86 35
mail (buzón de correo)