Applications are invited for a
Position as Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics
at the Department of Linguistics, Uppsala University, Sweden

Duties: Instruction, research, and administration. The department runs a large and growing four-year training programme in Language Engineering, STP. Currently a hundred students are enrolled with the programme. The duty of the lecturer will, primarily, be in the framework of STP. It is envisaged that the lecturer will be director of undergraduate studies. Research in computational linguistics at the department has several focal points, among them machine translation, corpus linguistics, computational lexicography, language checking, machine-learning, computational semantics, computer-assisted language learning, applications of finite-state techniques, and word prediction. The commercial aspects of language engineering are being explored and developed in several ways. See further
Eligibility: To be eligible for the post the applicants should have a PhD degree or be able to certify scientific competence at an equivalent level. The applicant must certify his/her competence in providing quality instruction in Swedish or English in some of the following sub-areas of language engineering including applications: mathematical linguistics, logic, logic programming, language statistics, algorithms and data structures; computational linguistics directed towards morphology, lexicography, syntax, semantics, discourse, corpus linguistics, and speech technology. An applicant who does not know Swedish will be expected to learn it within three years of starting employment.
When appointing the senior lecturer, weight will be given equally to scholarly competence and teaching skill.

Application should be made by April 9 2001. The position is to be taken up on August 15, 2001, if possible.
The complete advertisement is to be found on
Information is available from the Head of Department, Professor Anna Sågvall Hein, Tel. 0046 18 471 1412, e-mail

Quelle: e-mail von Bengt Dahlquist, 16.3.01.

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