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Ogam-Inschrift: CIIC-Nr. 203

Ogam Inscription: CIIC no. 203

Original location: Coolmagort

County: Kerry

Surroundings: Cave of Dunloe

Year of discovery: 1838

Actual location: =


Fig. 203, 001 Fig. 203, 002 Fig. 203, 003

Actual reading:

Latin Transcription: MAQIDECEDA MA[Q

Ogam Transcription: [

Ogam Transliteration: [

Other readings, history, comments etc.:

Location and history:

For the locality and discovery, cf. {197}.

This stone was used as a "packing-stone aboce the main lintels" of the souterrain according to Macalister, CIIC; according to Brash, OIM 234, it rested "across the 4th and 5th lintels". It was not readable for the latter author; but a reading "maqui Deceda maqui" is quoted by J. Rhys, JRSAI 16, 1884, 314, who "could not reach beyond the middle of the last word, `maqui', when visiting the spot in 1884. According to Macalister, CIIC, the inscription was "formerly visible only through the gap between the fifth and sixth" lintel.

Published illustrations:
Macalister, CIIC 1, 198 (draft).

Published photographs:
Macalister, CIIC 1, 197.

Size according to Macalister, CIIC: 2'8" x 0'10" x 0'2 3/4".

Reading Macalister, Epig. 2, 95 (94. / VII):

The inscription "is interesting as it gives us a common name spelt without the double consonants that elsewhere distinguish it".

Reading Macalister, CIIC:

"The stone is broken after Q2, and the sinister edge is intentionally chipped away. "It is unique to find" the name DECEDA "spelt .. with no double consonants". The writing technique resembles the one of "Nos. II {198} and III {199} of the series, and almost certainly the work of the same artificer."

Interpretation Korolev, DP 84:

The end of the inscription is flaked off.

Reading McManus, Guide 65:


Reading Gippert (1978/1981):

Dexter angle, up:

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