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In a business meeting which took place during the ICANAS congress (International Congress on Asian and North African Studies) at Budapest on We., 9th of July 1997, an informal group of scholars established itself with the aim of promoting and coordinating further efforts in the development and spreading of electronic resources of all kinds relating to Asia and adjacent areas.

The first tasks that are to be undertaken in order to reach this aim may be summarized as follows:

A business meeting of group members will take place within the 1999 EBTI, ECAI, SEER & PNC Joint Meeting held in Taipei, Taiwan (Pacific Neighborhood Consortium, co-hosted by Computing Centre, Academia Sinica and Computer Center, Ministry of Education) which will take place in Taipei, Taiwan, January 18 - 21, 1999.

Several participants of the ICANAS have offered their help as volunteers. Everybody who is interested in cooperating with the SEER group or to be a volunteer is invited to send comments, proposals and the like to the mail address given below (for all messages relating to this issue, please use the mail subject "SEER").

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