Text collection: Gl. 
Old-Irish Glosses
Codex: Ml. 
from the Milan Codex Bibl. Ambr. C 301

fol. 2a - 89d

On the basis of the edition in
Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus.
A Collection of Old-Irish Glosses, Scholia, Prose and Verse
ed. by Whitley Stokes and John Strachan,
Vol. I: Biblical Glosses and Scholia,
Cambridge 1901

electronically prepared by Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst,
TITUS version by Jost Gippert,
Frankfurt a/M, 11.2.1998 / 11.8.2012

The following substitutional representations of special characters are used:
   punctum delens (dot above):   °   (as in oenf°er)
   tilde / macron / breve:      ~   (as in am~)
   acute:            ʽ   (as in mʽ)
   breve alone:         ^
   l with slanted stroke:      l~
   abbreviation for con:   ç
   7-like symbol for "and":   7
   inverted comma bottom-right:   ;

Page of edition: 7 
Manuscript page: 2a  
Gloss: 1     
.i. nochis conacertussa ón

Gloss: 2     

Gloss: 3     
.i. ciarudbói aururas form

Gloss: 4     
.i. innatintathach*
Gloss: n.a        
MS. innatintatach^

Gloss: 5     

Gloss: 6     
amal bid horaili nuasligi .i. in nuaethintudsa dorigenuassa* hoebreib .i. çaicert som intintud septien hitosuch .i. intan foruirim obell 7 astric foir 7 roásaiset drissi innasenchomrorcan tarsodin, iterum çrícht les innaallslige ut praediximus..
Gloss: n.b        
Better dorigennsa^

Gloss: 7     
.i. honaib crichaib cammaib

Gloss: 8     
.i. coasmecnugursa

Gloss: 9     

Gloss: 10     

Gloss: 11     

Gloss: 12     
nochis arnaib hisiu*
Gloss: n.c        
MS. arnaib hisib: corr. Ascoli^

Gloss: 13     
.i. conaicertus

Gloss: 14     
.i. narind astoidet

Gloss: 15     
anastormach* hítintud septien istormach són dano hítintud toethis
Gloss: n.d        
MS. astormach [add: but cf. Ml. 89d 6, 92c 5, LU 62a 43]^

Page of edition: 8 
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