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Sixth International Conference on Iranian Linguistics
(ICIL 6)
23-26 June 2015

G. Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies, Ilia State University,
Tbilisi / Georgia





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The conference takes place in the part of the city called Vake.
Ilia University,
Building no. 5, Ground Floor
Giorgi Tsereteli street, 0162,
Vake, Tbilisi

If you get lost, ask for "Building 5, Ilia University, opposite of the Vake park".
(Younger people are more likely to speak English.)

Finding your way

  • From the airport to town:
    - taxi (30-40 laris maximum per taxi (not per person), to be agreed on with the driver before you set off)
    - during the day, there also is a bus: no. 37. Give one euro / dollar to someone to get you a ticket from the machine inside the bus (controls are frequent) ; show the location of your hotel on a map.

  • From the hotel to the conference:
    The conference takes place in the Ilia University (the part of the city is called Vake). [plan of the area of the venue]
    - Taxi (5-7 laris per taxi, to be agreed on with the driver before you set off) ;
    - Bus (takes longer than taxi): 0,50 lari (insert the change in the machine or ask the staff dressed in green).
    --- on Rustaveli avenue : n°44, n°88, n°61, n°102, n°87, n°71, n°59, n°55, n°39
    --- from Freedom square : n°44, n°88, n°61, n°87
    --- from subway station "Avlabari" : n°71, n°39
    --- from the station : n°9, n°66
    --- from Metekhi Bridge / Europe square : n°102
    --- from "Marjanishvili subway station" : n°59 ;
    - Mini-bus (20 min.): 0,80 lari, to be paid to the driver. Ask the driver to drop you at Park Vake.
    --- on Rustaveli avenue : n°137, n°133
    --- from subway station "Avlabari" : n°170
    --- from the station : n°81

    There will be meeting points in front of the metro station "Avlabari" to go to the conference:
    - 9 am in front of Subway station Avlabari (Gilles Authier). [plan of Avlabari Metro station and Irmeni hotel]
    - 10am, Chavchavadze avenue, park Vake [see the cross on the map].

  • Meeting point for the city tour:
    Freedom square, behind the pink building.
    To get there from the University, take Bus 44, 88 or 61 at Park Vake bus stop (ask for "Tavisuplebis moedani"), or take a taxi (4-5 lari).

    Lunch, dinner, payments etc.

    There will be lunch in a nearby restaurant that will take you on a tour through Georgian cuisine (20 Euro for 4 lunches).
    On Day 3 there will be a conference dinner (20 Euro).
    The coffee breaks and the buffet dinner on Day 1 are included in the conference fee (70 Euro).

    Payment will be possible in Euro and Lari (but no other currencies), in cash at the registration desk.


    There will be a guided tour of the old town on Day 2 (included in the conference fee).
    The meeting point is

    On the afternoon of Day 4, we plan to go to Mtskheta and some nearby sights (to be paid extra; details will be announced during the conference).



    • In the vicinity of the conference:

    There will be a meeting point in front of Hotel Muza to go to the conference.

    Hotel Muza 15 min. walk to the conference; double rooms & twins: 60 USD,
    click this link to visit the homepage of Hotel Muza
    Hotel Sakartvelo 30 min. walk to the conference or 10 min. by bus or marshrutka (all lines go there); rooms for 60-80 USD,
    click this link to visit a booking page for Hotel Sakartvelo or click this link to visit the town's info page with contact information for Hotel Sakartvelo

    • In the Old City Centre (Avlabari district)

    Hotel Irmeniclick this link to visit the homepage of Hotel Irmeni
    Hotel Orientalclick this link to visit the homepage of Hotel Oriental
    Hotel Kartuli saxli /
    Georgian House
    click this link to visit the homepage of Hotel Kartuli saxli (lower level)
    Hotel David Lclick this link to visit the homepage of Hotel David L (lower level)
    Apartmentsclick this link to visit a booking page for self-catering accomodations

    The city provides a huge number of hostels and guest houses located more in the city centre. For more information consult www.booking.com.
    Coming from the city centre, you can only reach the conference by marshrutka or bus (details about the lines will be given soon) or by taxi (negotiate 5-6 Laris with the taxi driver before the departure).

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