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Sixth International Conference on Iranian Linguistics
(ICIL 6)
23-26 June 2015

G. Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies, Ilia State University,
Tbilisi / Georgia





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The following abstracts were accepted as presentations:

Abbas Ali Ahangar
& Setareh Mojahedi Rezaeian:
The Study of Temporal Points of Departure in Narrative Discourse of Persian Children
Erik Anonby:Mapping Iran's Languages: Situation and Prospects
Patman Antadze-Malashkhia:On the Adaptation of Certain Late Persian Loans in Georgian (Phrasal Verbs)
Tim Felix Aufderheide:The word order of nominal sentences in Old Persian
Gilles Authier
& Murad Suleymanov:
Present Tense in Tat
Oleg Belyaev:Coordinating inversion in Ossetic: Clause combining and information structure
Dmitry Dundua
& Xenia Semionova:
Remarks on the diachrony of past tenses in Armenian and the Iranian languages
Pegah Faghiri
& Pollet Samvelian:
An empirical approach to the unmarked position of the DO
Ketevan Gadilia:On micro- and macrotypological features of definiteness in Modern Iranian languages
Songul Gundogdu
& Faruk Akkus:
How does negation operate in Kurmanji Syntax?
Geoffrey Haig
& Shirin Adibifar:
Referential Density in spoken Persian: what is the impact of inter-speaker familiarity?
Annette Herkenrath:Junction of attributes in written Kurmanji: a case of NP-internal connectivity
Sampsa Holopainen:About the importance of Uralic loanword studies to Iranian historical linguistics
Carina Jahani:On the Definite Marker in Modern Spoken Persian
Thomas Jügel:Towards a comparative linguistic description of Iranian languages - a case study on verbal morphology
Steven Kaye:Relative constructions in Northern Talyshi
Agnes Korn:Notes on the noun phrase in Bashkardi
Arthur Laisis:The North-Western frontier of Iranian: contact with Baltic?
Stephen Levinsohn
& Maryam Nourzaei:
The Perfect as a Rhetorical Device in Reported Conversations
Sylvie Martlew:A discussion of Turkic-style non-finite verbal constructions in Tajik Persian
Robin Meyer:Case Attraction and NP-linking in Old Iranian
Masoud Mohammadirad:Instrumental semantic map in some Iranian Languages
Narges Nematollahi:Development of the Progressive Construction in Modern Persian
Maryam Nourzaei:Tense alternation in speech orienters in Southern Balochi oral stories
Jaroslava Obrtelova:Some features of Wakhi oral narratives: focusing on verbs
Ergin Opengin
& Nevzat Anuk:
Alignment variation in Zazaki: Case-syncretisms in the Mutki dialect
Lutz Rzehak:Fillers, Emphasizers and Other Adjuncts in Spoken Dari
Razieh Shojaei:Argument Alternation in Persian: A Moderate Lexico-Syntactic Approach
Guiti Shokri:Progressive constructions in Mazandarani and Gilaki
Florian Sommer:Aspects of Clause Linkage in Young Avestan
Ghazaleh Vafaeian:The progressive gram type in Iranian languages
Arseniy Vydrin:Indirect speech and ægæ in Ossetic
Paul Widmer:Cleft sentences in Middle Persian

The following abstracts were accepted as posters:

Erik Anonby
& Hassan Mohebbi Bahmani:
Rudoni, a transitional dialect of inland Hormozgan
Daniel Barry:On the Wakhi Realisation of the Phoneme k in Turkic Loanwords
Dariush Borbor
& Habib Borjian:
An Ethno-Linguistic Study of the Central Alborz Southern Piedmont
Mehdi Fattahi
& Yasaman Choubsaz:
Morphology-Phonology Interaction in Kalhori Kurdish Verbal Construction: The Case of Consonant Lenition and Morph Metathesis
Vladimir Ivanov
& Leyli Dodykhudoeva:
Socio- and ethnolinguistic features of Gilaki and Mazanderani
Raheleh Izadifar:The Semantic Map Representation of Pronominal Clitics in Tatic Language Group
Zahra Mirrazi
& Ali Darzi:
Neg Raising in Persian
Hamed Rahmani, Toni Rietveld
& Carlos Gussenhoven:
Persian does not retain the pitch accent after the focus
Nasir Abbas Rizvi Syed, Gul Hasan
& Abdul Hameed Baloch:
Metathesis in Balochi
Razieh Shojaei
& Mahmood Bijankhan:
Acquisition of Persian Consonant Clusters: An Optimality-Theoretic Perspective
Hannu Sorsamo:Syllabification in Sorani Kurdish: A new look at glides and the bizroke
Fahimeh Tasalli Bakhsh Kaseb:Conditional and Counterfactual Narratives in Yasts
Fariba Zamani:The Impersonal passives in Persian: the challenge of subjects
Hossein Hashemi-Zarajabad
& Yousef Aram:
Language Contact and Grammaticalizaton; a View from Perso-Turkic Conatct