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In Memoriam Klaus Strunk


Der Indogermanist Klaus Strunk ist am 7. September 2018 in Bad Wiessee gestorben (*22. August 1930 in Düsseldorf).

  • Todesanzeige in der FAZ, 12.9.2018
  • Vita und Publikationen
  • Foto Strunk
    Source: Marion Strunk, 10.09.2018


    In Memoriam Gilbert Lazard


    Der Sprachwissenschaftler Gilbert Lazard ist am 6. September 2018 in Paris gestorben (*4. Februar 1920 in Paris).

  • AIBL
  • EPHE
  • Al-Awsat
  • Foto Lazard


    In Memoriam Morris Halle


    Der Linguist Morris Halle ist am 2. April 2018 gestorben (*23. Juli 1923 in Liepāja).

  • Mitteilung des MIT
  • Foto Halle
    Photo: Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine, Wikipedia
    Source: Henning Reetz, e-mail, 2.4.2018


    In Memoriam Vyacheslav Ivanov


    The Linguist Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov passed away on 7th October 2017 in Moscow (*21st August 1921 in Moscow).

  • Obituary in UCLA Newsroom
  • Foto Ivanov
    Photo: UCLA Newsroom
    Source: Internet, 11.10.2017


    In Memoriam RSP Beekes


    The Indo-Europeanist Rob Beekes passed away on 21st September 2017 in Oegstgeest (*2nd September 1937 in Haarlem).

    Foto Beekes
    Photo: Sasha Lubotsky
    Source: Sasha Lubotsky, 24.9.2017


    In Memoriam Hanns-Peter Schmidt


    Der Indo-Iranist Hanns-Peter Schmidt ist am 31. Juli 2017 in Dana Point / CA gestorben (*1930 in Berlin).

  • Encyclopaedia Iranica


    In Memoriam Aleksandr Volodin


    The linguist Aleksandr Pavlovič Volodin passed away on 6th July (*1935).

  • Homepage
  • Foto Volodin
    Source: Stefan Georg, 21.7.2017


    In Memoriam Vladimir Livshits


    The Iranologist Vladimir Aronovich Livshits passed away on 10th June 2017 in St. Petersburg (*6th October 1923 in St. Petersburg).

  • Homepage
  • Foto Livshits
    Source: Pavel Lurje, 10.6.2017


    In Memoriam Helmut Humbach


    Am 3. April 2017 ist der Iranist Helmut Humbach verstorben (*4. 12. 1921 in München).

  • Anzeige
  • Schriftenverzeichnis (Universität Mainz)
  • Foto Humbach
    Source: Sabine Ziegler, 10.4.2017


    In Memoriam K.T. Schmidt


    Am 7. Februar 2017 ist der Tocharologe Klaus T. Schmidt verstorben (*28. 4. 1932 in Glowe / Rügen).

    Foto KT Schmidt
    Source: IG-Liste, 10.2.2017


    In Memoriam Vakhtang Imnaishvili


    The Kartvelologist Vakhtang Imnaishvili passed away on the 24th January, 2017 (*22. 9. 1939 in Tbilisi / Georgia).

    Foto V. Imnaishvili
    Photograph: (
    Foto V. Imnaishvili 1984a Foto V. Imnaishvili 1984b Foto V. Imnaishvili 1984c Foto V. Imnaishvili 1995 Foto V. Imnaishvili 2015a Foto V. Imnaishvili 2017
    V.I. 1984 (Photos: Sonja Gippert-Fritz) 1995 (Photo: J.G.) 2015 (Photo: J.G.) 2017
    Source: Manana Tandashvili, 25.1.2017


    In Memoriam Jamshid Giunashvili


    The Iranianist Jamshid Giunashvili passed away on the 21st January, 2017 (*1. 5. 1931 in Tehran / Iran).

  • Wikipedia entry (english)
  • Foto Giunashvili
    Photograph: by Γεωργός - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
    Source: Helen Giunashvili, e-mail, 23.1.2017


    In Memoriam Heinz-Jürgen Pinnow


    The Indologist and Americanist Heinz-Jürgen Pinnow passed away on Sylt on the 1st July, 2016 (*22. 1. 1925 in Danzig).

    Source: Jan-Henrik Holst, e-mail, 12.7.2016


    In Memoriam Onofrio Carruba


    The Indoeuropeanist and Hittitologist Onofrio Carruba passed away on the 22nd September, 2016 (*21. 12. 1930 in Este / Italy).

  • Obituary by Mauro Mario Giorgeri and Clelia Mora
  • Obituaries in La Provincia pavese: (a) / (b)
  • Obituary in Corriere della sera (c)
    Source: IG-Liste, 26.10.2016


    In Memoriam Aldo Prosdocimi


    The linguist Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi passed away at the age of 74 years (*1941 in Este / Italy).

  • Obituary: N. Cesaro, Il Mattino 12.8.2016, 26

  • Pagina Web dell' Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

  • Foto Prosdocimi
    Source: J. Matzinger, 15.8.2016


    In Memoriam John A.C. Greppin


    The Armenologist John A.C. Greppin passed away on the 3rd May, 2016 (*2. 4. 1937 in Rochester / New York).

  • Obituary Brown-Forward

  • Foto Greppin
    Source: M. Job, 28.5.2016


    In Memoriam Wladimir Neroznak


    The Indoeuropeanist Vladimir Petrovich Neroznak passed away on the 2nd November, 2015 (*17. 11. 1939 in Bozhedarovka / Omsk).

  • Obituary of the Akademia Nauk

    Source: IG mailing list, 8.11.2015


    In Memoriam Martin West


    The Classicist and Indo-Europeanist Martin Litchfield West passed away in Oxford on 13 July 2015 (*23 September 1937 in London).

  • Obituary by All Souls College
  • Obituary from Oxford Mail

  • Foto West
    Source: IG-Liste, 16.7.2015


    In Memoriam Martín Ruipérez


    The Indoeuropeanist Martín Sánchez Ruipérez passed away in Madrid on the 2nd July, 2015 (*1923 in Peñaranda de Bracamonte).

  • Obituary of the Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos
  • Obituary of the Compostela-Blogspot
  • Obituary of the Makarradas-Blogspot

  • Foto Ruiperez
    Source: IG mailing list, 4.7.2015


    In Memoriam Lisi Oliver


    The linguist Elisabeth "Lisi" Oliver passed away on the 7th June, 2015 (*1951 in Frankfurt).

  • Obituary by the Louisiana State University
  • Obituary by the Linguistic Society of America
  • Obituaries in "The advocat" (a) / (b)

  • Foto Oliver
    Source: IG mailing list, 9.6.2015


    In Memoriam Harry Hoffner


    The Hittitologist Harry A. Hoffner passed away in Hilton Head, SC, on 10 March 2015 (*27 November 1934 in Jacksonville, Florida).

  • Obituary by the family
  • Obituary by Carmen Imes

  • CV at CHD

  • Foto Hoffner
    Source: Sabine Ziegler, 12.3.2015


    In Memoriam Petr Vavroušek


    The linguist, Indo-Europeanist, Hittitologist and Indologist Petr Vavroušek passed away on 14 February 2015 (*14 June 1949 in Prague).
    The funeral was held on Thursday, 19 February 2015, at 15:15 in the crematorium of Motol, Prague 5.

  • web page of Prague University
  • curriculum vitae and publications

  • Erinnerungen an Petr Vavroušek (Jost Gippert)

  • Foto Vavrousek
    Source: Quelle: Libuše, Markéta and Martin Vavroušek, 20.2.2015


    In Memoriam Hans-Jürgen Sasse


    The linguist Hans-Jürgen Sasse passed away on 14 January 2015 (*30 April 1943 in Berlin).

  • announcement of the Institute for Linguistics, University of Cologne
  • web page of Cologne University
  • German Wikipedia entry

  • Foto Sasse
    Source: Quelle: Sabine Ziegler, 19.1.2015


    In Memoriam Emmon Bach


    The linguist Emmon Bach passed away in Oxford on 28 November 2014 (*12 June 1929 in Kumamoto / Japan).
    The funeral was held on Saturday, 13 December 2014, at 11:15 in St John's Chapel, Oxford Crematorium.

  • personal homepage

  • Memorial page
  • Obituary from SOAS
  • Foto Bach
    Source: Quelle: Mary Dalrymple, 5.12.2014


    In Memoriam Sandro Kodzasov


    The linguist Sandro Vasil'evič Kodzasov passed away in Karlsruhe (D) in the night 24-25 October 2014 (*14 July 1938 in Moscow).

  • personal homepage


  • Artem Kirakosov
  • Andrej Kibrik
  • Alexei Kassian
  • Foto Kodsasov
    with Aleksandr Kibrik (2004). Photograph: (privat)
    Source: Quelle: Andrej Kibrik, 25.10.2014


    In Memoriam Sergej Kljaštornyj


    The Turcologist Sergej Grigor'evič Kljaštornyj passed away in St. Petersburg on the 21st September, 2014 (*4. 2. 1928 in Gomel').

  • personal homepage
  • Foto Kljashtornyj
    Source: Étienne de la Vaissière, 23.9.2014


    In Memoriam Jorma Koivulehto


    The Germanicist Jorma Koivulehto passed away in Helsinki on 23 August 2014 (*12 October 1934 in Tampere, Finland).

    Foto Koivulehto
    Photograph: (privat)
    Source: Quelle: Petri Kallio, 1.9.2014


    In Memoriam Geoffrey Leech


    The linguist Geoffrey Neil Leech passed away in Lancaster on 19 August 2014 (*16 January 1936 in Gloucester, UK).

  • personal homepage


  • Lancaster University
  • The International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE)
  • Mick Short, in Language and Literature 23 (2014), pp. 304-308
  • Arnold Zwicky
  • Foto Leech


    In Memoriam Mixail Egorovič Alekseev


    The linguist Mixail Egorovič Alekseev passed away on 23 May 2014 (*24 Oct. 1949 in Mytišči, oblast Moscow).

  • personal homepage

  • Nachruf des Instituts für Sprachwissenschaft der russ. Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • Foto Alexeev
    Source: Quelle: Martin Haspelmath via Facebook, 24.5.2014


    In Memoriam Jan Heesterman


    The Indologist Johannes Cornelis (Jan) Heesterman passed away on 14 April 2014 (* 1st Dec. 1925).

    list of publications and short CV
    interview with Jos Gommans (Itinerario 27 (2003), pp. 9-20)

  • Nachruf des Instituts für Südasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde der Universität Wien
  • Foto Heesterman
    Source: Quelle: Sasha Lubotsky, 21.4.2014


      In Memoriam 2014   Anna Morpurgo Davies
    Richard Frye
    Oskar Pfeiffer
    Chuck Fillmore
      In Memoriam 2013   Roland Bielmeier
    Ellis Evans
    Achim Fahs
    Martín Sevilla Rodríguez
    Jens Rasmussen
    Edwin Pulleyblank
    Calvert Watkins
    Jürgen Untermann
      In Memoriam 2012   Leonard G. Herzenberg / Gercenberg
    Garun X. Ibragimov
    Dieter Kastovsky
    Aleksandr E. Kibrik
    K.H. Schmidt
    Werner Sundermann
    René Lanszweert
    Norman Denison
    Anait G. Perikhanian
    W.B. Lockwood
    Jos Weitenberg
    Heinrich Otten
    Gherardo Gnoli
    Jacques Duchesne-Guillemin
      In Memoriam 2011   Ralf-Peter Ritter
    Xavier Tremblay
    Manfred Mayrhofer
    Anna Siewierska (external Link)
    Ljubov' V. Zlatoustova (MGU-Link)
    Iraj Afshar
      In Memoriam 2010   Mixail N. Bogoljubov
    Wolfgang P. Schmid
    Frederick Schwink
    Saulius Ambrazas
    Werner Winter
    Johann Knobloch
    Maria Hornung
    Nikolaj Mixailov
    Georges Charachidzé
      In Memoriam 2009   Roberto Gusmani
    Soenjono Dardwidjojo (Glottopedia-Link)
    Natal'ja Shvedova (Glottopedia-Link)
    Nick Clements
    Vladimir Nedjalkov (Glottopedia-Link)
    Erica García (Glottopedia-Link)
    Richard Allsopp (Glottopedia-Link)
    David Watters (Glottopedia-Link)
    Vytautas Maziulis
    Sige-Yuki Kuroda (Glottopedia-Link)
    Michael Noonan (Glottopedia-Link)
      In Memoriam 2008   Walter Belardi
    Antonio López Eire
    Károly Rédei
    Dan Slusanschi
    Ann Lambton
    Catherine Browman (Glottopedia-Link)
    Robert deBeaugrande (Glottopedia-Link)
    Wang Jialing (Glottopedia-Link)
    Mukhadin Kumakhov
    Rulon Wells (Glottopedia-Link)
    Patrick Allen (Glottopedia-Link)
    Clive Perdue (Glottopedia-Link)
    Lionel Bender (Glottopedia-Link)
    Antonius Weijnen (Glottopedia-Link)
    Roger Andersen (Glottopedia-Link)
    Riccardo Ambrosini (Glottopedia-Link)
    Andreas Wesch (Glottopedia-Link)
    Ursula Drolc (Glottopedia-Link)
    Werner Thomas
      In Memoriam 2007   Eugen Helimski
    Eloise Jelinek (Glottopedia-Link)
    David Lockwood (Glottopedia-Link)
    Rolando Armendáriz (Glottopedia-Link)
    Heinz Mettke
    Richard Hogg (Glottopedia-Link)
    Tatyana Elizarenkova
    Peter Nelde (Glottopedia-Link)
    Vladimir Orel
    Carol Justus
    Winfred Lehmann
    Carlota Smith (Glottopedia-Link)
    Fritz Hermanns
    Jørgen Rischel
    Ladislav Zgusta
    Tanya Reinhart
    John Sinclair (Glottopedia-Link)
    Stefan Elders (Glottopedia-Link)
    Giovan Battista Pellegrini
    Colette Caillat
      In Memoriam 2006   Mary Boyce
      In Memoriam 2005   Giancarlo Bolognesi
    Vladimir N. Toporov
    Vera S. Rastorgueva
    Fridrik Thordarson
    Sergej A. Starostin
    Giuliano Bonfante
    Murray B. Emeneau
    Jin Jie
    Timothy Shopen
    Georg Renatus Solta
    Hermann Berger
    Georges Redard
    Günter Neumann
      In Memoriam 2004   Helmut Rix
    Siegfried Kanngießer
    Karsten Fünfstück (MGU-Link)
    János Harmatta
    Dietz Otto Edzard
    Hermann Mittelberger
    Larry Trask
    Gillian Hart
    Mario Wandruszka
      In Memoriam 2003   Gerhard Doerfer
    Michel van Esbroeck
    F.B.J. Kuiper
    Helma van den Berg
    Adolf Erhart
    Henry Hoenigswald
    Bernfried Schlerath
      In Memoriam 2002   Zurab Sarjveladze
    Aleksandre Gvakharia
    Eugenio Coseriu
    Willi Mayerthaler
    Dirk Boutkan
      In Memoriam 2001   Thomas A. Sebeok
    Ramchandra Narayan Dandekar
    Machtelt Bolkestein
    David Neil MacKenzie
    Ronald Eric Emmerick
    Wolfgang Ullrich Wurzel
    Joseph H. Greenberg
    Paul Thieme
    Ilya Gershevitch
    Vasilij I. Abaev
    Johannes Benzing
    Hubert Petersmann
    Mirco Ghini (Link)


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