GLDV '99
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Multilingual Corpora: Encoding, Structuring, Analysis

11th Annual meeting of the GLDV (Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology)
July 8-10, 1999, Frankfurt a/M

The 11th Annual Meeting of the GLDV (Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology) will take place in July 8-10, 1999. The main topic is Multilingual Corpora: Encoding, Structuring, Analysis.
The meeting will be hosted by the Institute of Comparative Linguistics of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt a/M.

An introductory speech will be delivered by Lou Burnard (Oxford Text Archive) on July 8, 18h.

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Other participants: 140,- 200,-

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Account No. 28605, Frankfurter Sparkasse (BLZ 500 502 01) stating:
"1510/28275/1133140 Gippert/GLDV-Kongress".

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